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De Beer Attorneys is a boutique South African Intellectual Property law firm. We offer a curated portfolio of practice areas to support our Intellectual Property law specialisation. For your convenience, we have included our areas of legal expertise below. Scroll ahead to learn how we can serve you.


Your mind is your greatest asset, and we want to help you protect its most invaluable strength - its intellectual property. We work passionately to defend and enforce a creator's right to autonomy over their works of art, literature, social content, music, inventions, designs and other exciting spheres of innovation. Since Intellectual Property law is our area of expertise, our award-winning team at De Beer Attorneys has gathered a vast portfolio of local and international experience in safeguarding every category of intellectual property rights, from trade marks, patents and registered designs, to copyright or anti-counterfeiting. By implementing creative and impactful legal tactics of protection and negotiation, you can rest assured that our expert team of legal professionals will work fiercely to protect your brand's assets.

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Whether your venture is an exciting new startup, a small business with big ambitions or a multinational corporation, our commercial law team is on-call for you and your business, ready to provide expert advice and representation on various legal matters. Our commercial law practice includes contract, corporate, competition, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, civil litigation and mediation, environmental law and intellectual property law. We have an experienced commercial law team adept at combining their comprehensive legal expertise with an ambitious understanding of business dynamics to provide tailor-made legal solutions that effectively solve complex commercial pain points while aligning with your overall business objectives. Our firm dedicates itself to providing reliable and results-driven legal support to your business that will not only bolster its growth and safeguard its commercial interests but also secure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


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Simply put, litigation is the process of taking legal action against a party who has infringed upon your rights. This contentious process is frequently depicted in popular legal shows and often begins with a letter of demand and can persist to a court hearing. We have extensive experience successfully litigating commercial disputes in South Africa. As a full-service intellectual property law firm, our team are especially adept at handling Intellectual Property litigation and enforcement matters across all disciplines and categories of IP rights. We also have accredited mediators on staff who can assist with minor civil disputes requiring speedy and effective resolution.  


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Global innovation is a double-edged sword, and balancing the introduction of life-changing technologies with our basic human rights has become more complicated than ever. Our expert technology law team takes great care in guiding clients through these complex branches of the legal system by implementing creative legal solutions to uplift and protect a business's right to innovate while safeguarding the consumer's right to privacy and fair practice. We offer expert Technology law services in the following sectors; science, telecommunications, IT, data privacy and security, licensing and development, intellectual property, e-transactions, compliance and the Internet. Our attorneys possess a deep understanding of the rapidly evolving tech landscape, which places them perfectly to assist their clients with navigating complex legal issues, mitigating risk, and leveraging the latest tech to drive forward creativity and development. Whether you are an energetic new tech startup, an established technology company, or an everyday tech user, our team is committed to delivering our client's cutting-edge legal solutions to protect their interests and maximise their scope for growth in the digital space.


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As increasing aspects of our lives continue to migrate online, we must safeguard our reputation and assets against the threat of virtual assault. Our team offers a robust Cyberlaw service offering, providing comprehensive guidance and representation in; data privacy, smart contracts, cybersecurity, online intellectual property, e-commerce, digital transactions, online defamation, cybercrime, and regulatory compliance. We also assist our corporate clients with policy and business strategy that aligns with these legal standards and guard against data breaches that could threaten the commercial health of the business. By implementing a proactive and multi-disciplinary approach to the law, we aim to assist our corporate and private clients alike; to mitigate their cyber risk, enforce their rights, and secure legal compliance in an increasingly interconnected and ever-changing online world.  


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As the business sector advances its exodus from brick-and-mortar to the world-wide-web, cross-border business dealings have become more commonplace than ever, and reliance on legal know-how relating to domestic and global transactions is critical. Our commercial law team provides comprehensive support in M&A deals and other strategic transactions such as business combinations, divestitures and joint ventures, guiding clients through the laborious legal red tape in transactions at this scale and ensuring a successful and advantageous purchase, merging or sale of their enterprise. We provide our clients with expert guidance on deal structuring, regulatory compliance, competition law issues, intellectual property rights and contractual obligations while working together to ensure their unique commercial ambitions are protected, and their financial interests maximised.


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