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Technology is evolving at a rate so exponential that it has earned its own body of laws to regulate its functioning. But, what exactly is Technology law, and how does it affect your business and its consumers? Let's break it down.


Technology Law is a niche area of legislation that regulates the public and private generation, usage and commercialisation of technological innovation in addition to the data it produces. These laws can apply to electronic and internet-based technologies along with non-electronic innovations.  


Collectively, the commercial industry is in a tight spot as the pressure to compete in an increasingly regulated marketplace is at an all-time high. The expectation from consumers for businesses to deliver more innovative products and services driven by efficiency and novelty continues to expand, making it challenging for ventures to stay relevant. We are here to help relieve some of that pressure.  


Should you require assistance with a Technology Law matter, our team at De Beer Attorneys can advise and assist you with the semantics relating to technology licensing and development deals, provide insight into privacy, data protection, consumer and telecommunication regulation and draft policies in compliance with these requirements, drafting 'smart' contracts, electronic transactions, and represent our clients in data protection and privacy policy litigation matters. Much like Cyberlaw, this area also functions in close relation with our area of specialisation, Intellectual Property law. This means we can provide a full-scale IP offering to serve our client's needs. Keep scrolling to find out more.


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Whether you are a startup, an established business, or an innovative solo creator, we are here to assist you in navigating the complexities of licensing agreements. In simple terms, a licensing agreement can be understood as an agreement where an individual or organisation is granted permission to utilise intellectual property which they do not own for a pre-determined period and purpose.  


Licensing agreements have become commonplace in business, especially within the technology space. Since licensing agreements are directly related to our area of expertise, Intellectual Property law, we have a wealth of experience in this area. We can assist our clients with drafting, negotiating and reviewing successful licensing agreements, conducting due diligence and ensuring compliance throughout the process. We are also able to facilitate intellectual property asset analysis and valuation, in addition to providing top-class representation in licensing-related disputes.




In today's digital age, protecting your data and preserving customer trust is of the utmost importance. A breach of privacy in terms of Technology law can be understood as innovations that generate, process or harvest information that is considered confidential and is not intended for its unauthorised use.  


We can assist our clients at all stages of a privacy dispute, from the initial steps of drafting a letter of demand to litigating the matter in the courtroom. Our services include drafting and review of privacy policies, data breach response and incident management, privacy-related employee training and awareness, assistance with international data transfers and providing representation in litigious matters relating to breaches of privacy principles. We can also advise our clients in developing strategies surrounding compliance with industry-mandated legal privacy practices, together with drafting these measures for inclusion into all official documentation.

Contract Law



A contract is complicated by nature, but when considering drafting a contract to be concluded in the tech space, an additional layer of expertise and attention to detail is often required to conclude these important documents effectively.  


Our team at De Beer Attorneys are skilled at drafting, negotiating and reviewing tailored technical contracts. Examples of a contract in this vein are technology agreements, licensing, franchise and development agreements, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Agreements, Data Processing Agreements (DPAs), Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) along with Vendor and Supplier Agreements. We also assist with drafting all necessary legal content for 'smart' contracts and performing any contractual due diligence required to protect the best interests of our clientele.




In the current commercial climate, technology law functions across every industry, and because of its widespread use, technology is subject to many forms of general and industry-specific regulations. From telecommunications and consumer regulation policies to more recent policy developments centred around privacy and data protection, business owners and consumers alike can often feel lost in the weeds trying to define their rights and obligations. This is where De Beer Attorneys comes in.  


We assist businesses and consumers with representation in matters relating to breaches of regulatory measures. We are also skilled in advising, forming strategies and drafting compliant company policy on par with the regulatory standards required in your specific industry.

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