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A candid photograph of Abduraouph Kamaar an Intellectual Property Lawyer. This photo was taken by Lisa Gabriels Photography to show a picture of the subject of the biography.



Quite an exotic name, right? For those wondering, it is pronounced 'ahb-doo-rah-owf', but you can call him 'Abdu' if you would prefer.


Abduraouph is known for his infectious sense of humour, charisma and down-to-earth personality. He is incredibly hard-working, witty and humble. As a man of faith, the values of honesty, charity, and compassion are at the heart of his character. If you find yourself around Abduraouph, he will be the life of the party - connecting everyone in the room through the power of positivity and laughter.


In his free time, Abduraouph enjoys binge-watching back episodes of Friends, Suits, The Black List and re-watching classic Bollywood films with his family (Fun fact: He is a Shah Rukh Khan superfan!). He also loves hiking around Cape Town's picturesque peninsula, visiting his local mosque and spending quality time with his family - especially his crew of adorable nieces and nephews. His favourite foods are chocolate cake and his mother's chicken curry - in that exact order - and he is currently trying (but failing) to kick his cappuccino addiction.


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Abduraouph began his studies towards an LLB degree by chance. On a visit to his alma mater, The University of the Western Cape (UWC), he initially planned to register for a general business degree until he had a chance encounter with a lecturer from the Law faculty. This lecturer passionately advocated for Abduraouph to pursue a degree in law instead of commerce. He was quickly convinced by her argument and began his legal studies at the beginning of 2011.


Kamaar excelled from the first semester of his studies, consistently placing on the Dean’s Merit List and graduating Cum Laude. He then completed his candidate attorneyship at Africa’s leading Intellectual Property firm, where he trained under industry veteran Suzaan Laing before joining the De Beer Attorneys team in 2017. Quick to rise through the ranks, Abduraouph proved himself an indispensable asset to the firm and, as a result, earned a directorship role by the age of 27. Furthermore, he has also leaned into his natural business acumen through his involvement in complex corporate litigation matters, cyberlaw and commercial legal matters.  


Kamaar has experience representing prestigious global brands across all spheres of commerce and is a regular on the international conference circuit. In recent years, he has also been featured in South African print, digital and television media as a legal expert. His expertise and stellar track record has been underscored by his recent recognition in the prestigious Managing IP awards as a 2023 Rising Star.


2023 has brought on an exciting challenge for Abduraouph, as he takes the helm at De Beer Attorneys as Managing Director. Keep up-to-date with upcoming developments in Abduraouph's career by connecting with him on LinkedIn and subscribing to the De Beer Attorneys newsletter.  


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